The BeNyne Project is a social and content media network project created to provide content of interest to the online consumer. There is a wealth of knowledge to be harvested on the internet, and The BeNyne Project aims to do it’s part by creating great tools and/or content that is useful and benign in nature. Contributors to this project have learned and developed themselves by perusing content authored by others on the internet, so this is a way to give back (and allowing others to give back) by creating valuable content that others can utilize.

This project began in November 2006 as an experiment. It started with one blog and one article on the Blogger platform. Since then, BeNyne has slowly grown with viewers from different countries of the world thanks to the ubiquity of the internet. This hobby is kept alive during “free time” on a couple of weekends a month and it is not uncommon for certain properties to go through a period of hibernation.

The BeNyne Project goal is to provide:

  • A network of content media and social media products that enhance our customer’s Internet experience
  • A platform to consolidate information, and present it in a beneficial manner
  • Pleasant and constructive original content that encourages positive nature and influence
  • A “free” destination that fosters the learning and growth of the Online Content Consumer.

Technologies Used

Properties on The BeNyne Project takes advantage of open source technologies as well as light to heavy custom coding (as needed). Some of the technologies are:

  • WordPress
  • Pligg
  • MediaWiki
  • PHP
  • Javascript

The Play-On-Words

  • “9” is the favorite number of the Project Starter. It is also his birth day.
  • BeNyne is a play on words for “benign”. It is also a play on words for “be the #9”.
  • Shorthand representation for BeNyne is B9. A reversal of the letters form 9B, which is shorthand for NinthBall, a technology consulting company founded by The BeNyne Project Starter.
  • “9″ is the last unique digit that also carries the highest rank in value. The BeNyne Project will continually strive to be last stop for unique ideas and content.
  • B9 and 9B, leads to the coined term, “Be the ninth ball”. (Read The Ninth Ball Concept)